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This deviation was deleted

I guess i'll give a critique! It's my first one so sorry if it's bad. I WONT USE THE STARS SO IGNORE THE STARS! :) Anyway


*the glow type effect is covering most of the main base lines so you can't really see the figure of the cat very well. Possibly try making the glow lighter where the lines are so you can see them better. :)

*i really like the sparkly eyes but it doesn't look like it has a pupil. I recommend putting the black pupil in with the pink sparkly part of the eye placing it depending on where it is looking. :)

*lastly... the paws don't look like they are laying flat so try and lay them more sideways rather that just on top of the ground.... You know what I'm saying? I am a bad explainer :D paws are like one of the hardest parts so it takes a long time to get them right :)


*I really like how sparkly you made the eyes look! They are very pretty :)

*I also enjoy the glow effect on its body. It really makes the cat stand out :)

* Another great part about this drawing was the background. I think you did a great job on the shading in the background. I also like how the notes are very neatly drawn and are easy to read.

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